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Read about Enlocked in ABA Law Practice Magazine IN THE NEWS - March, 2015 - In an article entitled: "Encryption So Easy a Lawyer Can Do It" the American Bar Association's Law Practice Magazine covered new solutions that make email encryption simpler. Author Robert J. Ambrogi writes: "Enlocked's advantage is that its plug-in makes encryption seamless for both the sender and the recipient."
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Read Product Review on PCMag.com PRODUCT REVIEW - 13 August, 2014 - PCMag.com, the trusted online resource for labs-based product reviews, evaluated the new version of Enlocked, rating it "excellent" and naming it an Editors' Choice for encrypted email.
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Read Enlocked Press Release PRESS RELEASE - 15 July, 2014 - Enlocked Announces Next Generation Encrypted Email Service. Combines Superior Security with Unmatched Ease-of-Use; Ideal for Small Businesses, Independent Professionals & Privacy-Conscious Consumers.
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Read Enlocked Press Release PRESS RELEASE - 10 April, 2013 - Enlocked Appoints Peter Swire, Privacy and Cybersecurity Expert, as Advisory Board Member. Former Presidential Advisor to Counsel Email Encryption Provider on Key Regulatory and Compliance Mandates.
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Read about Enlocked on HealthcareInfoSecurity IN THE NEWS - 2 April 2013 - On her "Safe & Sound" blog covering the HIPAA Omnibus Rule for HEALTHCAREINFOSECURITY.com, blogger Marianne Kolbasuk McGee interviews an Enlocked user in the healthcare field. The post, entitled "The Patient's Role In Breach Prevention - Why Providers Need to Offer Education on Secure Communication" includes a discussion of the use of text messaging and email for patient communications.
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Read about Enlocked on HealthITSecurity.com IN THE NEWS - 29 January 2013 - In a piece about the risks to patient healthcare information under the headline "Are uneducated users the new threat to health data security?", HealthIT Security writes "While email is the most convenient form of messaging among providers and patients, it poses security risks under HIPAA, making the two odd bedfellows." Supporting the importance of encrypting, the reporter adds: "In light of the recent HIPAA omnibus ruling, such approaches to encryption will become increasingly necessary for healthcare organizations and providers to remain compliant and avoid costly penalties..."
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PRODUCT REVIEW - 3 December, 2012 - Small Business Computing took Enlocked through it's paces, testing a range of browsers & apps, and determined: "Enlocked aims to make secure communication via encrypted email almost as simple and cost-effective as using ordinary email, and for the most part, it hits the mark." The reviewer adds, "Any small business or professional looking for an easy way to communicate securely with customers/clients over email should give it a try."
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IN THE NEWS - 13 November, 2012 - After trying Enlocked, SmallBizTechnology published: "Military Grade Email Security for Your Small Business", stating that Enlocked "...streamlines the entire encryption process on both desktop and mobile devices." They later conclude, "Overall Enlocked appears to be a very promising piece of software, as it packs industry leading security in a package simple enough for small businesses to embrace."
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Read Enlocked Press Release IN THE NEWS - 17 May, 2012 - In an article entitled: "Six Tips for Protecting Your Email Privacy", PC Magazine suggests users encrypt email when sending sensitive information. Along with using a strong password, locking your PC if you step away from your desk, and avoiding phishing scams, the article recommends users "...try a free email encryption product like... Enlocked"
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Read Enlocked Press Release PRODUCT REVIEW - 9 May, 2012 - PC Magazine, the Independent Guide to Technology, took Enlocked through its paces, and had this to say: " Enlocked focuses strongly (and successfully) on ease of use... for individuals and small businesses seeking to protect sensitive information it's a good choice."
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Read Enlocked Press Release PRESS RELEASE - 7 May, 2012 - Enlocked Extends Free Email Encryption With Safari Browser Support. Apple Mac users now have simple way to secure email on their desktops, in addition to iPhone and iPad apps available in the iTunes store
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LawSite IN THE NEWS - 25 April 2012 - Major blogger for the legal profession, Robert J. Ambrogi, calls Enlocked: "Email Encryption Made Idiotically Easy." Maybe not the words we would have chosen, but we like it! He adds: "Now there is a free application that makes encrypting and decrypting emails so easy that, well, even a lawyer can do it."

Read Enlocked Press Release PRODUCT REVIEW - 3 April, 2012 - Leading consumer technology publisher PCWorld evaluated Enlocked, saying: "That's why I was intrigued by Enlocked (free beta), an email encryption service that's designed to take the complications out of complex encryption software."
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Read Enlocked Press Release IN THE NEWS - 16 February 2012 - Basex, an industry research firm covering collaboration technologies, wrote about Enlocked: "Tools such as Enlocked, which recognize the necessity of allowing the knowledge worker to complete tasks without switching work environments, could bring easy to use email security to the masses."
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Read Enlocked Press Release PRESS RELEASE - 15 February 2012 - Enlocked Prevents Email Snooping. Company Launches Free Email Encryption Solution to Protect Private Information. Simple downloads for browsers, smartphones and tablets bring state-of-the-art security to all users.
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Read about Enlocked in AllThingsD IN THE NEWS - 15 February 2012 - All Things Digital covered the launch, saying: "Now, a new app, called Enlocked, says it's going to make email encryption at the consumer level even easier, by introducing a mobile and Web application that adds a one-tap encryption button to an existing email account."

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