The Challenge: Simple Security

Current Encryption Methods Too Cumbersome

In security conscious environments, more technical users will often implement some form of encryption to prevent eavesdropping on email traffic. They acquire and install special software on their systems and exchange private keys to use when reading each others messages, or lock the file with a password which they only share via a voice conversation. But, for most of us sending an occasional email with sensitive data, the existing methods for encrypting email – and the steps required of recipient to decrypt it – are simply too cumbersome.

Enlocked Delivers Secure Email— Simply

Based on state-of-the-art encryption techniques, Enlocked protects email in transit, rendering it unreadable except by the sender or the addressee. But, unlike traditional solutions, sending an encrypted message requires no complicated setup, no preliminary communication with the recipient to exchange keys, and no extra steps creating secure attachments.

A simple plug-in for your email client provides a "send encrypted" button right next to your normal send button. And when the email arrives, the other party authenticates themselves based on their email address, and can then read the message easily using either a web browser or with the free Enlocked mobile app. Enlocked works with all of today's most popular email systems, running on everything from PC's and Macs, to ipads and tablets, as well as smartphones based on Apple and Android platforms. To see a list of our current supported platforms, click here.

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