A Trusted Model for Secure Email

The Enlocked email encryption system was developed by a team of experts in IT security, with experience at some of the world's leading security companies, including McAfee, Government organizations, and other companies Utilizing industry-standard PGP encryption, email messages – including any attachments – are rendered unreadable except by the sender and receiver(s).

End-to-end Encryption

Since Enlocked runs locally on your system – either inside your browser, or as an add-in to Outlook, or as an app your phone – your are protected with what the technical folks call end-to-end encryption. We can’t read your messages, your email provider (or administrator can’t read your messages, not even the government. When you hit the "Send Secured" button, you enter the password only you know (don’t forget it, because we don’t have it!), and the we take care of completing the delivery of the message.

Archives Are Secure

Now, even if someone were to steal your smartphone or laptop, or even hack into your email account, encrypted messages stored device are now inaccessible. Sure, they have your device now, but without the password at least your information in those encrypted emails you either sent or received, is still safe. Sorry, we can't help you with all that other stuff.

What About The Government?

We’ve been getting a lot of questions lately about whether the government can get access to your email messages through Enlocked. The short answer is no. They can ask us for what we have (and if the request is proper we will give them that information), but since we don’t know your password, we can only provide the dates you sent messages, who they went to, and the subject line. The content of your message is only readable with your password, and we don’t have that.

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