When to Enlock

Use Enlocked anytime you wish to send a message or document you want to be kept only to the intended recipient. Here are some real examples of people that have used Enlocked to secure their communications.

Enlocked for your business

  • Healthcare providers use Enlocked to efficiently and securely communicate with patients, billing organizations, consulting doctors, and other associates – while complying with privacy regulations like HIPAA and HITECH. Read more
  • Financial planners, tax preparation services, and accounts use Enlocked to send reports, forms, and private / sensitive transactional details. Read more
  • Attorneys and their supporting teams communicate with each other, and with clients, concerning the details of their cases, knowing the content can never be seen by anyone but them. Read more

Enlocked for personal use

  • Sending family members the account numbers and social security numbers for your children's college saving plans
  • Reserving a room at a small bed & breakfast that needs a credit card but does not have an online form (or you noticed it is not https!)
  • Emailing a scanned application form with credit, insurance and medical details to your physical therapy center or dentist
  • Helping a friend with some software, they can email their password so you can login
  • Did you really want to share those questions for your lawyer about that minor incident with EVERYONE?

In addition, if you use your email as an archive of sent information, or keep read messages for use later, your messages are at risk of being read should someone hack your email password or gain access to your PC or smartphone. Should someone get into your email account, they would still need your Enlocked password to see any encrypted messages.

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