How Your Privacy is Protected

Enlocked ensures the privacy and security of your email messages in ways that are clearly superior to other secure email systems or message portals.

We never see your unencrypted message

Our system is designed to do everything on the client side, so your information is protected end-to-end.

We don’t have a copy of your message

If you use Outlook, our Gmail plugin, or one of our mobile apps, we don’t ever even touch your message. It is stored right in your regular email server alongside all your other messages, and sent (as an encrypted attachment) over your email network. For Enlocked Anywhere users (our web-based application) who prefer not to have us ever see the message, there is an option to “prepare” the secure message instead of sending it, and then you attach it to your own email and send it as you would a regular email. Many users find that it is easier to just let us send on your behalf, knowing that it was already encrypted before we got it using your key / password, so we can never read it. In this case, we delete sent messages nightly.

No one can read it along the way

And no one means just that. As your secure message traverses the Internet on it’s way to the reader, none of the email administrators on your server, your recipients server, or the various hops along the way. Not even anyone with access to your or recipients’ mailboxes; and not even your email provider - whether it is Microsoft, Google, Yahoo! or AOL can read the messages on their own servers.

Proven, secure PGP encryption

Enlocked utilizes PGP to secure your messages, which is a widely-used standard for email encryption. Without compromising any of the inherent security of PGP, Enlocked makes using it much easier. Typically, users implementing PGP must install software on all their devices, copy keys and keep them in sync across all their systems and accounts, and then exchange keys with anyone they will send to or receive messages from. Enlocked takes care of all this work in the background, letting you send or read messages just as securely as if you did it all yourself.

Please, remember your password

With all this security comes some responsibility on your part. Because we don’t have your password to unlock your key, this means if you forget your password the messages you’ve sent or received can no longer be read. We can let you create a new key (with a new password) which will work for messages going forward. The only way to read those old messages is to remember your password. For this reason, you may want to store a password hint in our system or keep a copy of your password in your safe deposit box or some other secure location. If it is important that others be able to access your archives in the case of an emergency, keep this in mind.

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