How It Works - Overview

To send a secure message with Enlocked there is no separate login or need to use another email application, no special email address to use, no keys to exchange with your recipients – just a "Send Secure" button. Recipients get the message in their normal email application, as a secure attachment that they can read only after unlocking their key with their password.

Content Encrypted Locally

Enlocked has been designed so that nobody sees your messages in the clear. When you hit send secured, whether using Enlocked Anywhere (our web-based interface), one of our plugins, or a mobile app, your message is encrypted on your device. We can’t see it, hackers can’t see it, your email administrator can’t see it, not even the government can see your message.

Only you have your password

The only way to read an Enlocked message, is with the password that ONLY YOU KNOW. We don’t ever see your password, which means we can’t give anyone a copy even with a court order (sorry, NSA). We store your key, but it is encrypted with your password, so only you can unlock it to use it locally on your various devices. But, there is a downside. If you forget your password, your old messages can’t ever be read (we do have a password hint utility to send a reminder if you choose to use that).

Messages secured end-to-end

From the point you hit send secured, the only content that goes out to your email provider for delivery (or for us to send on your behalf if you use Enlocked Anywhere), has already been fully encrypted with PGP, a proven encryption model that has been used in the technical community for many years . Once delivered, the recipient has an encrypted attachment that they will need their own password to open and read. And the process to decrypt that message runs right there on the reader’s system.

Here's an overview of the process:

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Compose / Encrypt

  • The message is composed using the Enlocked mobile app, Enlocked plugin, or Web-based Enlocked Anywhere
  • The recipient's public key is retrieved from the Enlocked server
  • The message is encrypted with the recipient's key
  • All processing is performed locally on the device

Send Secure Message

  • The secure message is sent via your standard email providers
  • Enlocked never sees or stores your messages
  • Messages can only be read with the sender's or recipient's private keys, which are protected with a passphrase that not even Enlocked knows

Decrypt / Read

  • The encrypted message is received, with reader instructions
  • The recipient's passcode-protected private key is retrieved from the Enlocked server
  • The message is decrypted with the recipient's key and their password using the Enlocked mobile app, Enlocked plugin, or Web-based Enlocked Anywhere
  • The message can now be read
  • All processing is performed locally on the device

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