Plans & Pricing FAQ

No, reading messages with Enlocked is always free. Even if you download one of our plugins or mobile apps, you can read unlimited messages at no charge. In fact, even if you want to reply, your first 10 sent messages are also free.

Enlocked offers something even better than a free trial… we have a free subscription tier that lets you read unlimited messages, and send up to 10 each month. Simply sign up for Enlocked and send your first 10 messages. If you don’t need more than that each month, you can continue to use Enlocked without ever subscribing.

All users can take advantage of our discounted annual pricing, which saves more than 17% compared to a monthly plan. For companies with 10 or more email accounts, an additional discount is available when paid in a single transaction (either monthly or annually). The discount will be calculated automatically on our group and domain pricing page, and ranges from 10% for 10+ accounts to 30% for 250 or more accounts.

Number of Accounts










As you send messages, you will see a confirmation message that shows your email has been sent, and how many remain in your current subscription. As you send the last few messages in the current subsription month, you will see a link to upgrade your account. If you try to send a message after reaching the limit of your current tier, the message will not be sent until you first upgrade your account.

Subscriptions are for a maximum number of messages for each month starting from the date of initial purchase, and unused messages from the current month will be lost at the beginning of the next month when your monthly limit is reset.

Purchasing multiple subscriptions

Whether you have lots of email addresses yourself, or are in I.T. or purchasing and want to buy subscriptions for all your users, Enlocked lets you easily manage your entire domain. Our flexible model allows you to purchase the number you think you’ll need, and then users -- either in your domain, or that you specifically invite -- will be assigned a monthly user subscription as they need it. So, your less frequent users won’t even count (they are free up to 10 sent messages each month) and your power users will get a Gold subscription as they pass 100 messages. All automatically.

Easy domain management

The easiest way to manage multiple subscriptions for your company or your team, is to purchase the number of subscriptions you expect to need, and then allow auto-registration for anyone in your company email domain (for example, and automatic tier assignment. As users sign up, they will start with a free subscription, and as they send messages will be automatically upgraded if your account has available subscriptions. The administrator can see which users are assigned to each tier, and even manually assign a higher tier or block a user from using a purchased subscription.

Managing Specific Users

If you need to purchase subscriptions for users in different domains (for example, a address and a address) or just want to pay for subscriptions for certain users in your company, Enlocked also lets you specify exactly who is authorized to use your subscriptions. For each one, you’ll have the option to let them automatically be assigned a tier as they use the system, or allocate the desired subscription tier per user.

You can even blend both models, assigning some users and letting the rest auto-assign.

Upgrade requests

If you are using auto-registration and more users sign up and exceed your purchased subscriptions, you will receive a message from Enlocked. You can either increase the subscriptions, or choose to remove a user from your account. Similarly, if users exceed the purchased tiers, you will receive an upgrade request. Users always have the option to purchase their own upgrade by entering a credit card.

If you are paying on a monthly subscription, any increases will be billed on a prorated basis for the current month. Cancellations or reductions in subscriptions will take effect on the next billing cycle. We cannot provide credit for partial months. Annual subscriptions are non-refundable.

Manage Your Domain Now

To create a group or domain, visit our Plans and Pricing Page, and click on the tab for Groups and Domain. If you are already an administrator for a group, you can visit the Enlocked Anywhere page, and click on the group admin icon (this will only show for authorized administrators). Multiple administrators for a domain are permitted, however payment details are only visible at the time it is entered.

We’re sorry you are considering cancelling your Enlocked subscription. If you are having technical problems, please contact support and we’d love to help.

However, if you do decide to cancel, just visit our cancellation page and your subscription will not be renewed for the next term (monthly or annually depending on how you paid). Please note that subscriptions are not refundable, and any cancellation will be effective immediately, so if you do wish to be able to use the remaining messages available in your current term you should process your cancellation shortly before expiration. After cancellation, your account will still be active so you may read any past messages (read or sent) and also send up to 10 messages per month on our free plan. If you would like to entirely delete your account (understanding that you will no longer be able to read prior messages encrypted with Enlocked), please see our support page.

Reducing your current subscription tier, for example from Gold to Basic, is done by signing in to Enlocked Anywhere, and choosing “settings” and then “subscriptions”. Now simply choose the new level you wish to sign up for, and your renewal will be processed at this tier at the next billing cycle.

Plans & Pricing

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