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Enlocked is used by a wide range of businesses to securely communicate sensitive information with their clients, patients, partners and associates. Whether you are an independent physician or small healthcare practice looking to improve patient satisfaction while complying with HIPAA requirements, an attorney working on a private matter, or a financial planner helping your clients with their investment portfolio, there is one common element. You need to get confidential information in the hands of the recipient… quickly, easily, and safely.

The safe, easy way to communicate sensitive information over email

Today most businesses use email to exchange sensitive and private information with their customers. From sending personal details such as name and address information, to conducting detailed accounting and financial transactions, email communication is an essential part of running any business. And as concerns about privacy in social media channels increases, email will continue to be one of the most pervasive means to securely share information in the future. That’s why it’s crucial that you protect your customer’s information—doing as much as much as possible to avoid the interception of personal and financial data.

Enlocked is fast and easy for senders

Whether you use Microsoft Outlook, Gmail enterprise applications, or a web-based email solution, it’s easy to send securely with Enlocked. A simple “send secure” button allows you to send right from inside your email application, or from any browser, saving you time and streamlining your workflow. You don’t even need to provide recipients with a key or password, just enter their address and Enlocked takes care of the rest.

Email security only works if your recipients can read their message

What good is email security if the person you are sending to can’t open their message? Enlocked makes reading a message simple for users to get their secure message, no matter how they read their email. And instead of waiting days for a hardcopy, now they get the important information they need right away.

Protecting customer privacy

If your business involves communicating sensitive information, and getting that information there quickly, encrypted email from Enlocked solves the problem. Messages are only readable by the sender and authenticated recipients, and are protected both in your email archive, and while in transit.

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