Small and Mid-sized Businesses

Build Trust with Your Customers

Customer trust. If you’re a small business owner or independent professional, then you know how important it is that your clients know they can rely on you and your firm. Your reputation is built on trust, and ultimately, so is the viability of your business.

Today most small businesses use email to exchange sensitive and private information with their customers. From sending personal details such as name and address information, to conducting detailed accounting and financial transactions, email communication is an essential part of running any business. And as concern about privacy in social media channels increases, email will continue to be one of the most pervasive means to securely share information in the future. That’s why it’s crucial that you protect your customer’s information—doing as much as much as possible to avoid the interception of personal and financial data.

Securely Communicate with Your Partners

For the small business owner, data that isn’t secure poses an especially alarming concern. Not only are you responsible for any data breaches on your systems, you are also responsible for jeopardizing or losing customer or partner information. Whether it’s customer data, partner data, or intellectual property, all industries need to maintain the confidentiality and security of sensitive information. So it’s no surprise to see that there’s an overwhelming increase in government regulations, touching many different aspects of businesses of all sizes, nationwide.

Avoid a Costly Leak of Private Information

Those small businesses dealing the most directly with personal data should be greatly compelled to secure their customer data when using email communications. In particular healthcare, legal, and financial services professionals represent three of the most vulnerable businesses ripe for email encryption.

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