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We created Enlocked to address an important gap in security and privacy — most email today is sent entirely in the open, preventing users from being able to send important confidential information, or if they do send it, putting that data at risk.

While systems exist for encrypting email at the corporate level in large enterprises, they require significant resources (both financial and technical) to implement, leaving the individual user, independent professional or small business with few options.

By making email encryption SIMPLE and FREE (or low-cost for those sending larger quantities), Enlocked allows everyone to safely send and receive secure emails, from whatever devices and email systems they use.

Founded in 2011 by a team of information technology and security veterans, Enlocked is quickly becoming the solution of choice for professionals across a range of industries — including healthcare, legal, and financial services, among others — as well as consumers concerned with protecting their private email messages.

About Enlocked

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